My name is Luis, I hold a bachelor in graphic design and a Masters’s degree in Industrial Design. I am the owner of a small design studio where I work hard in order to develop myself  internationally.

10 years ago I started a legal defense against RENAULT for misappropriation and copyright infringement of one of my typographic works. It first appeared in a RENAULT international advertising campaign in magazines and billboards.

The manufacturer, not showing any interest to solve this unfortunate incident out of court, forced me to defend myself legally, when never before has any typography could be legally defended in Europe.

Lots of money, my full energy and years awaiting for the process have been wasted and passed by. I was forced to prove that my typographic work was in fact my own and it was originally created. In Europe there is no option to register a typeface to be protected by Intellectual Property rights.

In the end I was accused to pay whole costs of the trial process as well as to give all the RENAULT used money back… However, finally the justice assumed my typography as an artwork, protected by Intellectual Property Law, that means my historical verdict could be used to help to any other type designer facing other misappropriation.


Once all justice steps are over, I can only put pressure to RENAULT and Tiempo BBDO through independent media and social networks to get my money back. Nice ideas and works have to be rewarded to their creators, so if you want to HELP ME AND OTHER CREATORS, SHARE THIS BLOG as much as you can.

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  1. Wonderful to discover ‘someone’ is actually last but not least fighting often the RIAA Cricca. We have viewed this kind of wicked circumstance collect force years rear, considering: “surely an individual around acknowledges the large injustice as well as inequality the industry is definitely perpetrating”; One mother; grandmother and grandfather who have no longer also have a computer staying endangered. Lastly I see mild at the end of the particular tunnel, because of all of “you”!! Continue the nice work those of you. You will have numerous buddies.

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